Thank you

The SEAMLS 2019 has concluded. We would like to thank everyone who made the first SEAMLS 2019 possible. We hope that you enjoyed the event, had a chance to interact with fellow participants, and learned a lot. Please see yourself as a representative of your local ML community, and take the initiative to build and support it by sharing what you learned at the SEAMLS.

Best poster presentation

  • [1st winner] Chuong Huynh, Hoa Nguyen (VietAI). Deep Learning Approach to Multiple Ocular Disease Detection from Retinal Images.
  • [runner-up] Sean Saito (SAP). What happens when we try to explain adversarial examples?
  • [runner-up] Anshul Gupta (IIIT Bangalore). Second Language Transfer Learning in Deep Semantic Models and Humans.