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We are opening up the AI and Machine learning technology to the masses.

Originally headquartered in Greater Jakarta, Indonesia we held events to help the participants learn more about the state of machine learning and deep learning. We attracted not only those interested in learning about AI, but also pioneers, contributors, and ground-breakers in the artificial intelligence community.

We have since moved to New York City and created alliances with organizations that are using AI and ML technologies to help solve business problems. We believe that this kind of real world focus will not only be more interesting to our students, but also be more valuable in helping them understand where the demand of artificial intelligence skillsets lies when they are looking for work in the field.

We are currently working on three exciting projects (see below) and will be hosting a variety of events connected to the kind of breakthroughs we are observing including:

  • Lectures - led by top machine learnings experts from our partners
  • Practical Interactive Sessions - where participants will get hands on instruction solving real-world problems
  • Panel Discussions - featuring actual challenges our partners encounter in their work, and supplemented by AI / ML knowledge leaders to look at the problems from new perspectives
  • Social Events - for the participants and established AI technologists can get together share their excitement for this exciting field!
What we are best at

Our Partner Projects

supply chain optimization
Supply Chain Optimization
Optessais using AI and machine learning in the manufacturing technology space to streamline production.
process automation
Process Automation
Yokogawa is solving challenges in the planning space with some innovative AI applications.
production planning control
Smart Production Control
Ygl World
is implementing smart production control to help it's customers improve their public image.

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