1. Who can apply to the SEA ML school? Do I have to be from Southeast Asia?
    • Everyone is welcome to apply regardless of where they are from. The venue is in Indonesia since Southeast Asia is underrepresented in machine learning and artificial intelligence communities at this level.
  2. What are prerequisites to apply for the SEA ML school?
    • Applicants are expected to:
      • be enthusiastic about machine learning with demonstrable interests (e.g., previous projects related to machine learning, concrete future plan on how to use machine learning);
      • have some experience in programming (preferably Python);
      • be familiar with linear algebra, basic calculus, and basic statistics;
      • prior experience in machine learning is not required, although we expect participants without machine learning backgrounds to have an understanding of why they would like to study machine learning and have some idea about how machine learning knowledge would be useful for their domain of interest.
  3. I am a student participant. Is there funding available to help with travel and accommodation costs?
    • We will have some funding reserved for student participants to help with travel costs from within Southeast Asia. Please indicate on the application form if you would like to be considered for travel assistance, which will cover transportation costs (including airplane tickets when applicable, up to a certain amount) and accommodation costs for 5 nights near the venue.
    • Unfortunately, we are unable to provide travel funding for student participants that reside outside of Southeast Asia, although we welcome applications from all over the world regardless of the applicants' place of residence. Please note that registration is free-of-charge for all student participants regardless of their place of residence.
    • Part-time students can also apply for the travel assistance provided that they are able to provide a valid enrollment letter at a tertiary institution (e.g. university or polytechnic) if they are selected, even if they are enrolled in a part-time basis. Since we only have a limited number of travel assistance available, please note that each request is considered on a case by case basis, and we cannot guarantee that travel assistance will be granted for each request.
  4. I am a student. Do I need letters of recommendation to apply?
    • We will not require any recommendation letters, but current students would need to upload a proof of attendance at their university to register if they are selected.
  5. What do I need to bring to the SEA ML school?
    • We strongly encourage you to bring your own laptop for practical sessions. We do not have specific hardware requirements. In particular, a GPU is not needed. Instructions regarding required software will be sent to all participants before the event starts. We were told that there might not be enough charging stations for 200 students at once, but there will be opportunities to charge your laptop during breaks. It is highly likely that during practical sessions (2 hours+), you may need to use your laptop on battery power.
    • You can also bring a poster and present it to other participants. The poster content is expected to be about a past/current project that has a machine learning component. If you intend to present a poster at the event, please indicate so on the application form.
    • The poster offers a way to get feedback from your fellow participants and the invited speakers. We will have an award for the best poster presentations at the closing ceremony.
  6. How much is the registration cost?
    • Registration is free-of-charge for all student participants who are currently enrolled in tertiary education (e.g. university or polytechnic).
    • Registration fee for all other participants is USD $200.
    • The registration fee includes access to all lectures, panels, and practical sessions, social events, lunch, and two coffee breaks per day.
  7. Do I need a visa to attend the SEA ML school?
  8. When can I apply?
    • The application process closed on the 20th of April, 2019. All applications are reviewed after the application deadline. The time of submission is not taken into consideration as long as the application is received before the deadline.
  9. What do I need to submit as part of my application?
    • Beside basic information (your name, affiliation, etc), you will be asked to upload your curriculum vitae, details from your latest study, tentative poster abstract if you would like to present one, prior machine learning experience (if applicable, not mandatory), familiarity with Python, and how you plan to use and share the knowledge you gain at the event.
  10. When can I expect to receive notification of acceptance?
    • We will notify you of the acceptance result by the 20th of May 2019 at the latest.
  11. Where is the event venue?

12. Will I get a certificate from this event?

    • Yes. We will produce a certificate of attendance on completion of the event.

13. I am presenting a poster. What is the poster format?

    • The poster size is A0 and the poster orientation must be portrait.

14. What is the dress code for the event?

    • There is no specific dress code. Casual wears (t-shirts, jeans) are fine. Anything more formal is also fine. Note that according to the weather forecast, we expect the temperature to be between 24-32 C.